I would like to say that I’ve been quiet because I’ve been away, but that isn’t the full truth. I have been away, but it was some time before then that I last wrote a post. And since I got back I haven’t written because I’ve been trying to get back on track. Holidays are amazing, but they are also often exhausting!

The worst thing about this return though, has been the jet lag. I spent a month in Europe, which was incredible, but is a completely different time zone. Since I got back, I have been on the verge of sleep all day but wide awake at 3am.

One night, after waking at 2:30, and still lying in bed at 4am, I suddenly thought to myself “what on earth am I doing?” I teach people about good sleep practice every day. I often start with sleep education because sleep, diet and exercise are the most important place to start with most anxiety and depression disorders. But here I was, doing all the wrong things!

That night I decided to put into practice everything I teach. Jet lag isn’t easily fixed by good sleep practice; however, it has helped. And why did I forget all this? Well sleeping is my superpower and I don’t often have to do it! To help you remember, I’ve created the handy infographic below. Feel free to leave your own sleep tips in the comments.

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