A productive day

I love getting a ‘free’ day off. On Tuesday it was the Melbourne Cup public holiday. I know there are controversies around horse racing and I don’t want to use this space to discuss them. So I am going to share with you how I spent my day!

This probably falls outside the realms of ‘craft’ (and I’m not sure there was any mindfulness involved) but Stuart and I spent the day gardening. We ripped out a very overgrown hedge/creeper thing that had overtaken most of the front fence, and was slowly working its way around the tree, then planted Jasmine instead.

We also planted some Camellia out the back and painted the wall in order to make the outside space more of an ‘entertaining’ area and less of a dark, cluttered mess. It still needs a table, but once the Camellias are flowering it should look nice and colourful!


After doing this on Tuesday, we then spent Wednesday night playing with the cats out in the front garden. It was enough to kick start a change in our routine (although I’m sure the longer nights help!). This reminded me of a basic tenet in solution focused psychology:

Small changes lead to bigger changes

This is such a simplistic quote that I actually went searching for something more meaningful, but it sums up so much. The small change of removing something we didn’t want and putting in something we did, has caused us to want to spend more time in the space. This led to us soaking up the day’s last rays rather than our usual routine of ‘TV on, mindless watching’. We felt better, we connected, and the kittens loved it!

kittens in garden.jpg

I think that surrounding ourselves by beauty is great, but taking pride in our surroundings is probably greater.

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