What’s On 29-31st July

This weekend is Open House Melbourne where you get to explore hundreds of properties across Melbourne, many of which are not open on other days.

You can find out more details at http://www.openhousemelbourne.org/ and I highly recommend you check it out. Last year I went on a tour of Melbourne Cemetery with some friends.

If you are in the mood for exploring then why not check out some other interesting tours that you can take part in!

  • A while ago we got together and did a ghost tour of Melbourne which was great fun (even with a lot of ghost skeptics between us!


  • Another one we have had our eye on for a while is the moonlight kayak tour where you get to eat fish and chips on the water in your kayak!! We haven’t done it yet but I think we will wait until spring or summer now!
  • If you want something on the water but a little less energetic, I love the look of the Botanic Garden Punt tours. I had a friend who got married on the edge of the Ornamental Lake and it is such a beautiful part of Melbourne to explore.


Let us know below if you have any other tour ideas. Or share cool Open Melbourne ideas!!



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