The value of a slow weekend

I have been busy lately. Really busy. I have been so busy that I recently made the huge decision to drop a day of work a week.

But of course it has taken me weeks of running myself frantic to realise that I had been busy. I think this is how we operate a lot of the time. We put ourselves under pressure and spend so long fighting fires that we forget to stop and reflect. We forget about making choices. (Karen and I recently had a discussion about this following my post about being Yin. She was adamant she is just too busy to do everything before then realising that she makes the choice to take on too much. I am guilty of the same thing.)

So anyway, there I was last weekend determined to have a day off (I get one in three Saturdays off work). But in my habit of being busy, a day off looked a lot like a day on (I was going to: have a nice breakfast at home with Stuart, go to the supermarket for our weekly shop, go to yoga, then go down to Federation Gardens to see all the Kate Bushes, then come back, get my hair cut, get ready for dinner and go out to my Bastille day dinner).

And it began on target:

Stuart and I cooked up a lovely brunch and ate together.
(That’s home grown basil too!)

Then we popped out to the supermarket to do our shop and ended up heading to a few different shops to get everything we needed (including Christmas crackers for our upcoming Christmas in July, cat food from the pet store etc). It was at this point that I realised that my plans were too big. So yoga was off the cards.

And then my Incredible Flexible Brain realised that I was quite enjoying pottering around the shops without any pressure. So I suggested to Stuart that we continue to do so. We found a new coffee shop. We went to Bunnings to buy some more herbs for our herb garden (we had the obligatory sausage sizzle).

Then I decided that I really did want to get my hair done so I walked up to a local salon and got a good old fashioned scalp massage and haircut.

Then when I got home I decided that rather than clean or tidy the house I was going to have a bath, do a face mask and spend a bit of time getting my hair and makeup ready for the evening rather than rushing around at the last minute. And it was lovely. (And Magpie was fascinated by bubbles, which also made me realise it had been at least a month since I last had a long bubble bath because she has been in the family for a month and had never seen them!!).

That evening was wonderful, and we were entertained by the lovely Rhonda Birchmore with lots of singing and plentiful food. On Sunday we felt so refreshed that we managed to squeeze in some DIY before I went to play a softball double-header (where we won both games- our first of the season).

Alexander helping out with DIY
And what did I learn from all of this?

Firstly, it is important to have slow days. Secondly, they can come unexpectedly if we do what we enjoy and listen to our limitations. Thirdly, yes, it is possible to lose touch with our mindful selves, but we can kindly and without judgement guide ourselves back to what serves us. And finally, I learned that Alexander is rubbish at DIY.


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