I’m OK


So I know I said I was going to talk about affirmations and Sankalpa this week, and I sort of will. But Karen’s post from last week reminded me of something that happened recently to me.

The scene is thus:


Good Beer Week and a very excited Stuart. We were on our way to a six course ‘beer off’ between a local brewery (3 Ravens) and Stuart’s favourite brewery in London (Fuller’s).  We decide to cycle there because there is no convenient public transport and it’s a lovely evening.

So lovely in fact that as we get on our bikes I realise I don’t even need my jacket!!

So lovely that I take off my jacket and leave it in the garage.


Seems innocuous enough, right? Except that about 15 minutes after I press the garage door button and run out the closing door (Indiana Jones style….)

I couldn't find a decent Indiana Jones Hat Grab Gif, so I made one - Imgur.gif

… I realise where my keys are. (And by now I’m sure you have too….)

In the jacket pocket of course.

Now, six months ago this would have sent me in to a panic spiral as I imagined the worst and my head would have flooded with a multitude of cognitive distortions (or thinking errors/traps) (‘I’ll never be able to get in to my house’, ‘everyone will think I’m such an idiot’, ‘I’m so disorganised and forgetful’). But I have been working a lot on the affirmation ‘I am OK’. The belief underlying this is that no matter what happens to me, I have the capacity within myself to cope and to be okay. I use this as my mantra whenever I am confronted by feelings of anxiety or worry and it is has helped me to embody a belief that nothing is too big to overcome.


Bike riding

Me and Stuart on bikes….    (Photo used for illustrative purposes only)

So here I was, on the bike path between Brunswick and Northcote, with no keys and a super awesome dinner awaiting me that I did not want to miss. Then I realised ‘I am okay’, there are locksmiths and if I have to call one out I’d rather do it after dinner than before. So onward I cycle. And then I realise something else (when we are calm we are so flexible in our problem solving…..). Our awesome friend Molly has a spare key!!!

A phone call later and Molly is on her way to our house with the spare key in hand to leave in [undisclosed location]

And then I realised. I’m not okay. I’m better than that. I’m surrounded by awesome people who really care about me. I have the means to have frivolous six course dinners with beer pairings. I live in a city I love and live a life I love. And even when things do go wrong, or things happen that I don’t love, I’m still okay.

Stuart Molly Karen

Some of my awesome friends who make everything (better than) okay.


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