What this week has brought me!


Even Alexander has been getting involved with yoga and meditation! Here he is executing a perfect Down Dog (adho mukha shvanasana).

In my last post I wrote about the power of finding a space or a break and gave a few tips. I have been following these tips over the past week and I feel wonderful!! I just wanted to share my week and hopefully inspire you to make a change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi


On Wednesday, the day of my last post, coincidentally my softball training was cancelled. Rather than use this as an excuse to sit around and do nothing my friend Alys came over and we baked some brownies! It was so much fun (although there was one very mindless moment where I turned on the mixer with the beaters up and brownie mix went everywhere).

It was so nice to use some unexpected time to do something different and set the momentum for the rest of the week.

On Thursday I tried out Yin Yoga! The idea behind yin yoga is that you hold positions for a few minutes at a time and so are creating change within the connective tissue such as ligaments, rather than at a muscular level as with yang forms of yoga. I particularly love the focus on remaining still and identifying the sensation without labelling it as discomfort or pain; it is so important to listen carefully to the body in yin yoga and so is a truly mindful practice.

FullSizeRenderOn Friday, Stuart and I decided to put away the technology. We did not turn on the TV, put our phones away and pulled out the Monopoly. We had so much fun but it was also nice to reconnect with each other and actually talk rather than simply having a running commentary about the TV, or half listening while distracted. It left us in much better moods on Saturday and with more energy for the weekend.

One of the side effects of these changes was that at the end of last week I was left with a sense of calm and patience which has lasted throughout this week. In my next blog I want to talk about affirmations and Sankalpa because this has been working for me this week too. But for now I will leave you with a photo of me knitting with the kittens- because I’ve had more time for these things now I’ve found the space!!



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