Welcome to a more mindful Melbourne

This is a new blog to explore a little bit of Melbourne, a little bit of psychology and a lot of the practice of mindfulness. Along the way, there will be crafting, baking, and lots of photos of Julia’s kittens.

We aim to integrate evidence-based practice with everyday experience. This is not one of those blogs that jumps on the latest bandwagons. We are a veteran knitter and an actual psychologist who live in the world’s greatest city and need an excuse to explore it further!

We argue constantly about everything, from the mundane (whether our blog should be pink) to the philosophical (whether strip clubs are sexist or powerhouses of feminism).

We would like to finish with a quote from Julia’s favorite movie, but unfortunately the best quote inspired by that blockbuster was Karen asking:

Was anything halfway intelligent said in the whole of Twilight???


obama out mic drop.gif



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